Wednesday, May 1, 2013


It's such a terrible pity that tonight's plan to see my friend did not push through :D 

He was supposed to come by bearing some red wine For Later Use* (oh why did I just picture myself taking a SWIG the moment the bottle lands on my hand), mainly to bring me some local MUNCHIES, but he called some time late in the afternoon that the plan shall push through, but in a parallel universe, not in the one where I am now, hence this blog post.

* A "proper" group hangout at my sister's place, among some real friends

Anyway that's okay I told him we can meet up some other time (and in more peaceful settings wt) and then since it has been a very hot day I took SWIGS instead of Iced English Breakfast OH I LOVE YOU ICED ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA. 

Then in the early evening I just went out for a walk and went to the supermarket to get my live microorganisms. 

The first day of the month is ending, and I only need to do bedtime- and tomorrow-things, before I work a bit more before jumping to bed. I believe there is so much more of the better things coming, and in case of unpleasant situations, I only need to sort of Extract what lesson I can learn from it then move on forward, knowing I shall meet Better and More Discerning people along the way. Now, really, I need to get going XXX

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