Saturday, May 4, 2013

Grasshoppers in the Garden

The other morning, I stepped out to the garden and my mom, having just watered the plants, told me there were LOTS of baby grasshoppers which came out of her big fortune plant after she watered it. She felt that she unknowingly disturbed them, so they all came out and started traveling towards the crawling plants that lined the top of the garden walls. And I was like WHAT GRASSHOPPERS. 

And I had to go Very Near the wall, because they were so tiny that I did not notice them at all. There were about sixty or seventy of them tiny things.

THOSE are tiny grasshoppers. 

There ARE four of them here. For a while I thought one was some kind of mutant. 

I think the grasshoppers look so pretty. It did not feel like any sort of infestation at all :D Although as I admired their beauty a part of my head was screaming Locusts and Crops and End of the World :D

This is how tiny they were. I tried to see if any of them would crawl onto my finger but one of them just STEPPED on it before swerving away :D Some stopped crawling altogether and I kind of picked up that it meant Bugger Off :D

See those tiny specks of green in the background. It's like watching a crowd walking towards a rave party or outdoor concert or something.

They were actually heading upwards though, and later on towards noon, they were all parked on the leaves and the railings. Fortunately none of the nearby birds swooped down to eat them since I guess they were too busy eating fruit. Well at least while I was looking.  

Then I found one who stayed behind for a while before joining the crowd (or being eaten by the lurking spider, I would like to think it was the former) and it seemed willing to have its picture taken. 

See it is more than willing to pose for the camera 

I am amazed at how tiny yet "detailed" it is XD

If it were as big as my hand I would kiss its head or back. I know, I know. 

I know this is the nth photo but I couldn't resist. I can only kiss it with my camera lens.

It seemed surprised though, that I was starting to leave. I think it wanted more photos but I had other things to do. Of course it is welcome to come visit me again.  ✿⊱╮

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