Saturday, June 15, 2013

June Art, First Half

Last time I posted there were plenty of craftwork, and this time (exactly halfway through the month) there will be plenty of illustrations - what I've done so far this month. :3

Okay it's an attempt at Matt Smith I am not denying it. It was my first for June.

Bunny with beer, and I used oil pastels and my fingers for this drunken bunneh. 

It's like the path of weird, really, but I called it the path to obtaining a golden pair of shoes. 

After going through that way of weirdness, I've been working on small art, until I finished the page with nine small pieces of art. 

These have already been cut out and played at with the kitty and heart overlays. Below are some worth mentioning a bit of. 

A chibi version of Tokyo Circus Ringmaster Yoshi!

A sketch of the Tardis  ❤ 

The latest one I did, just this morning :3

That's it for now ;D I've to get back to work now, although wait, errands first then back to work. In any case, all individual illustrations are in my art page, which I am also working on transferring to a totally new page, but which will still be linked from this blog's said art page, so feel free to visit and look at them, and thank you! ♛ ❤ 

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