Friday, June 28, 2013


I've been away, mainly because I have not been paying for my internet connection and the next thing I know I was overdue by three months! XD Anyway I have fully paid, and so I am back online :D *curtsies*

I have been drawing as always, except that I had not been able to post some of them online. I realize too that being offline allows me to concentrate so much more on the things that I do XD And it's kind of a welcome rest from all the shared information so I did not mind so much being offline. 

So I have been drawing, and it really cheers me up especially on days when my patience is being stretched to its limits, and for people who know me really well, they would know that it must be something outrageous to cause me to feel like I am about to let go of the Patience Rope and leap into the Deep Chasm of Unspeakable Tantrums and Outbursts. 

Drawing takes me away from all the madness, into a Good Kind of Madness.

And so, in addition to the illustrations from the first half of June, here are a few more from the latter part of the month. 

This was inspired by a food post of a Facebook friend, except that the sushi in this drawing look more cheerful. 

A Facebook friend's FLUFFY CAT.

A play of colors, while thinking of the Ultimate Playground.

A totally random show in my head.

Sending a sundae via Mokona

Absent-mindedly eating a strawberry. Now we all know how I kind of look like. 

Running along with "batcakes," because everything here is normal. 

And then today I tried making a stationery. 

I shall make more. I like making stationeries now. Last year it was To Do lists among other things, but I like individual, unique stationeries better. (Is it just "stationery" or am I right for using this plural form?)

But apart from drawing and painting, I have also been working and catching up with friends. 

Mainstays on my desk during the working days without an internet connection.

This is my eraser and a friend could not fight the compulsion to turn it into one of my pets.

My sister and I met up with another friend - we were originally supposed to meet up last April but work and budgeting got in the way so we ended up scheduling our tea time for last Tuesday, but it was still so much fun. 

Then last Wednesday, two of my other closest friends came by to visit (thanks Jen and Peter! ), and it was such a pleasant evening I had, after coming from an extremely tiring afternoon. They are both close to the entire family, and it was good timing that my sister was also there, so we were all able to hang out and catch up until after dinner. 

Lately, it has been wonderful that some old friendships are being rekindled, and what's more, another friend of mine (a common friend with Jen and Peter) has gotten in touch with all three of us and wants to meet up for coffee and dinner. And though I do not really like going out so much, I do love going out and spending time with people like them specifically, so I think it's wonderful. (◡‿◡✿)

So there, a quick (yes that was quick, considering the past week has been bursting with... so much) rundown of my offline period which lasted over a week. Now I shall get me some coffee and sticky rice (ʘ‿ʘ) then get back to work! :) I've been Loving Fridays lately, and the work that I had to do last Friday and today are things that I do not mind doing at all so I think that should be good enough to make my Friday lovelier~ (。- 。)


  1. Excited much much to see you again soooooon!!!! <3

  2. Me too!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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