Wednesday, June 12, 2013

That Quaint Little Home

No, I have not disappeared again since my last pot post. :D

Some time last month, my sister and I noticed that we have been receiving quite a higher number of news than usual of people passing away - people who are mostly acquaintances, or friends of friends, or friends of relatives. Eventually around the middle of last month, we found ourselves in a wake too, of a grandaunt. Shortly after that some people closer to the the family in one  way or another were being called too, though they were people closer to my parents than me and my sister. Then last week, the dad of a friend, and this week, another grandaunt, with whose family my sister spent a great part of her childhood. For those who passed away in pain, we just all like to think and appreciate that their pains are over and this time, it's a real Rest for them. 

My parents' parents have long been gone (I never even met my dad's dad) except for my mom's mom (okay too many mention of parents there). We always tease this grandma of mine of living long enough to see our youngest cousin's grandchildren, but we never really know when her time (or ours) shall come. Meanwhile I make sure I get to visit her whenever I can, and I usually tag along when my mom does. Last week we did, and my grandma's face brightened up because she was not expecting a grandchild to be around at such an odd time. She proudly showed me her new craftwork - redesigned and repurposed glass bottles:

Her current home theme is pink so she laid out all the pink sewn crafts which she and my aunt made.

That cat was from my sister. Our grandma used to have a black cat (from our family too) who used to eat my hair or bite my head, literally.

This one kind of reminds me of a port wine I used to drink. 

She also showed me more of her latest crafts from recycled plastic bottles, and I took the liberty of taking their photos, as well as the photos of a few other random things.

My grandma cut this out of a blue plastic bottle, and I saw something similar before in Kainan Au Gusto, except that it was from a green bottle. It was made by someone else though, not my grandma. But they both look nice. 

I don't know why but something about this reminds me of my childhood. And my hair. 

Oh there's a bit of my grandma there but look at that pink hanging decor.

Spheres hanging outside the dirty kitchen. In the background is a mural painted by a cousin. 

On the way to my grandma's craft room at a separate section of the house (you will need to step out the back door and then into, really, a separate section of the house).

Glass Fish.

The current house theme is pink, so the living room windows have pink curtains.

Pink curtains from the bedroom window. 

The dirty kitchen, as homey as any other part of the house.

Okay so I do not know what to say or how to feel because I am thinking if I should not blink or maybe I shouldn't ask for information or ask the wrong three questions. (Okay I know I would only kind of make sense if you also love The Doctor.)

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