Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kitty Waits, and The Great Taste of Great Taste

Killer Kitty, Waiting

I drew him this morning, but I had to work, so he has to wait until I am free again so I can finish him. 

I am feeling quite sleepy, and though coffee has no effect on me, I like pretending it does so I am now having coffee as I write this. Speaking of coffee, I am such a Folgers fan, and I remember running out of Folgers recently. Because it is not always available in the supermarket near our home, I went "searching" for some "meantime coffee supply." I keep hearing lately about how Great Taste White is so GREAT, and so, although it's been around apparently since 2011, I tried it for the first time. Of course I did not expect anything Folgersy, so I was prepared to find out how good/bad it is. And basically here is what I think :D (Wow it's as though I am giving an official review, but, no :D) It's the answer I gave my sister when she asked me what I think of it, since she also bought ONE packet to try it out. (I bought TWELVE.)

I think it would taste better if it were drunk COLD. When hot, it is pretty much like a HOT MILKSHAKE. It is more like a "Dessert" Coffee, with the coffee as your actual dessert, not as an accompanying beverage to any dessert. I would say it's okay, it can be good, but it's not the coffee I would Marry And Wake Up To Every Morning. Like if I would drink all the 12 packets I bought, I can only take one packet a day for one mug, as opposed to my average of two mugs of coffee per day. Then, when I finish the whole batch of 12 packets, I would need to either go back to my usual Folgers or if it's not available, try a different brand, just to sort of "wash away" the Sweetness Satiation. So it's good, I'd probably drink it again once in a while, but perhaps like one packet every few weeks or so. But I would not go out of my way to look for it or buy it. Maybe if I come across it in the supermarket I might, and only if I wouldn't rather use my budget for other things (like ALOE drinks or grapefruit beer). Basically, for me, drinking it occasionally makes me feel like it's a nice sweet treat, but drinking it everyday would make me feel like I am being attacked by some kind of Sugary Satan. 

I did try it cold once, though, but I had to add a Mason jar of ice cubes to make the sweetness less bombarding, and it was even better than drinking it hot. It was pretty much like a less-thick-mocha-milkshake. I finished the whole Mason jar of iced coffee in one sitting :3 

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