Monday, July 15, 2013

Ramblings, Random, Right

I am not yet done with yesterday's kitty and I was hoping to do that today but I ended up making two new drawings, and I hope I get to finish coloring them tomorrow. 

My weekend was great, bits of good things here and there, it was mostly quite lovely. 

Yesterday was Before Midnight. The funny thing is that before midnight of Saturday, I find out that JN was also thrilled to see it, and so on Sunday afternoon he and my sister and I went to see snippets of our lives and large slices of our thoughts flashed across the screen. (Many things struck me, but one of the things that really got stuck to my brain was being called the Mayor of Crazy Town. I mean really, it struck right through the heart. I was always the crazy girl. From way back until, uhm, the other night. And though I would never be sorry for being weird, I am truly sorry for all my moments of craziness. I mean really. And I can make it up to you in five hundred ways that can leave you smiling for the five months after but then again all I can do now is apologize profusely for letting my psychotic tendencies drive you out of my life the way a Flying Cockroach drives me out of my room, screaming. On the other hand I also felt I was driven out of your lives because I didn't matter enough. OKAY. See. Enough with the craziness now and moving on to non-crazy things. Right.)

So after the movie we all took a nice walk and ended up having coffee and dessert at Lola Maria's. My sister picked the dessert for all of us and picked her favorite.

They're practically big-bite-sizes of Brazo de Mercedes, making it easier for anyone to stuff his or her face with it. I witnessed my sister do it. She ate FOUR. :D

After another walk we went over to my sister's place to hang out. I took random photos while we talked, or while JN looked at things and read books, or while I chugged down the coconut Mogu Mogu (I find it addictive so please do not allow me to possess more than one big bottle in one day.) 

My sister got company! (Mogget hid under the bed the whole time, but I did see him once trying to take a peek at JN.)

As opposed to my sister's usually preferred peaceful solitude...

... she preferred to have pleasant company visit over :3

They read some lines from Coelho and Rilke. 

And it it such a thrilling thing to get a new mangosteen notebook. (Feel free to send me more of them cute things.)

And more of them random shots: 

This angel was given by our grandma YEARS ago. It does not seem to have blinking issues. However the one given to me has its eyes CLOSED OMG WHYYY OH WHY DO I NEED TO GET THE ANGEL WHICH WON'T ALLOW ME TO BLINK. 

My sister had just cleaned her home and the dining table looked lovely. 

Photo taken from the kitchen. I really like this lamp. 

I was so tempted to do things to its face, but okay, no. 

Love. (What does your Love Board have on it? Mine has the Kookiness of Matt Smith, long walks, coffees for two, touching, kissing, smart men, couples who dress well, representations of Austen and Kantor women, adoring - not just adorable - Asian men, shopping for furniture, physical proximity, geek love, the Doctor, and conversations, among other things.)

And then this morning, it was the first time in Months that I wrote my Morning Pages again. As I made my coffee after getting out of bed I just knew I had to write something out. And I came out of it much more sober. It is no biggie, just about something that I feel but do not quite understand. I am sure it will all make sense to me soon enough, but if not, then maybe it does not matter so much so maybe I should not bother so much, right. 

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