Thursday, July 18, 2013

Survival of the Fiercest

In one of my recent posts, or should I say ramblings, I spoke of feeling something I do not quite understand yet, and in that context this drawing came out. 

You shall not consume me! 

This was more than a couple of days ago, though, and back then it was oddly mixed with a bit of ache, the significance of which is also quite elusive, but as of now, as you will all see in my next illustration (still coloring it for now though), I seem to have been able to deal with it, albeit not understanding it completely nor dwelling so much on it. It is a bit of a relief to not have slipped into the continent of ache, and while I initially feared to be consumed by all these strange things I was suddenly feeling, right now, fiercely, it is all just, like, Hunger. Hm. I wish I were the one consuming. 

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