Monday, July 8, 2013

The Storm of To Dos

One of my current day jobs has to do with The Topic of Energy Drinks, and all the information I am hearing about the everyday lives of many led me to thinking about Schedule Imbalances and Being Bombarded by A Storm of To Dos. 

If one's daily to-do list requires one to drink energy drink after energy drink, then there must be an imbalance somewhere. The imbalance could be arising from one's personal habits, like in sleeping or eating, but most probably, or most commonly,  the sleeping part. OR, there is really something wrong with the schedule which means something must be changed or even REMOVED, or if possible, No Longer Accepted or Squeezed Into the Schedule. 

Or all of the above. 

You see, in reality, there is no decent amount of work that can NOT be fitted all into one day, or into eight (minimum) to ten (maximum) hours of working time. If it does not fit, it means it has to be re-scheduled the next day, even if it seems unimaginable. Or, there has to be a better way of chunking tasks and making doable, realistic to-do lists.

However, in case the task can NOT really be put off to the next day or at any other day, despite one's best efforts to manage his or her time efficiently, then there must be something imbalanced right from the top, whoever is giving or assigning the to-dos. And this is where restructuring, hiring, or Saying No comes in. 

I admit I was not the most efficient in scheduling things when I was still in the corporate world, and as a  freelancer, it took me many many many many many tries and many many many many many daily-schedule-revisions before I was finally able to come up with the one I have now, which has a decent, doable number of To Do items in my list, which covers work, art, physical training, studying, and snippets of Doing Nothing. Then I have ONE rest day each week, which changes regularly so that I experience what it's like to have a rest day on each day of the week :D I have some fixed-time jobs though, and I still do them on my Rest Days, but at least after those jobs I am free to go about and play or paint or get lost in a book. 

I have helped some close friends make changes to their daily to-dos, and I am open to helping a few others do the same, because I think it is great to finally find one's "perfect," balanced schedule. However it would only work if the other party is really open too and willing to really make changes. I've offered my help to some people who expressed they would like to make their schedules better, but even before I managed to look into their planners they were like, but oh, my boss is horrible, go change him first, or they would be like, I hate what I do so much I don't know if that would work. The latter is actually a totally different case altogether, and would need to do something first about WHAT is inside the to-do list. One can make significantly helpful improvements in his or her daily schedules by also looking at what goes into it, and then perhaps identifying which can stay and which should not, which then requires further "review" on what one really intends and wants to do in the long run, or why he or she is even doing the things in the to-do list in the first place. It can all be quite a complicated, long process, but I think starting with one's to-do list review and overhaul will lead to another thing and then another, ultimately resulting into bigger and better changes. It sounds like taking it too far but okay then at least let's begin with our daily to-dos :D

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