Monday, July 1, 2013

Trees to Mark the End of June

It's the first day of the second half of the year and there is a mild feeling of a New Year. 

So, on this New Year's eve of the Mild Feeling of a New Year, I made my last illustration of the month, as I watched the first three episodes of Touch with my sister (she came over for lunch and stayed until after dindins). I think this show is great by the way and I am definitely watching the rest, soon enough, because I have once again sliced my Time Pie oh-so-carefully. Anyway my last drawing was about very interesting trees in my mind's backyard - a wishing tree, a candy tree, a kibble tree, and a teabag tree. 

In My Backyard: A Wish Tree, A Candy Tree, A Kibble Tree, A Teabag Tree

Recently, I see in my Facebook more pictures of happy mommies with their new babies, and I realize that most people near or within my age range are posting about having their nth babies, getting married, or expanding their businesses, basically all these grown-up things that show how much they have all evolved, and how everything about all of them seem to be getting along just quite perfectly and normally. (I think it's great, and it's nice to see them all moving along just fine.) 

And then I look at my own posts. DOCTOR WHO. MY ODD DRAWINGS. THE HOBBIT. PICTURES OF MY FOOD THAT I DREW ON (mind you, as a photo overlay, not that I literally draw on the food). And sometimes, VIDEO GAMES and FUNNY CATS. 

I know that it's okay and that I am still kind of normal, but I do get the occasional looks and remarks that imply that it isn't What Grown Women Do or Think About (or post about, like, leave it to the kids).

In any case, though I have been called Weird, Crazy, Senseless, Different, Intense, and my comments labeled Peachie-and-her-Peachie-thoughts (with a shake of the head), I know I am still quite "normal" and I have been feeling more "adult" than ever especially since my recent "vacation" of over two months from certain routines and things, where I was able to iron out quite a lot of concerns and to free myself from people and things that had been dragging me down and holding me back. I am still struggling a bit with regard to a few things, but I believe the path is a bit clearer now and I think have become more discerning in choosing my companions, in the directions I take further, and in where I allocate my resources in any form. 

Maybe right now I do not have the human husband and baby and the lucrative career or business that most people have, and maybe my (immaterial) husband is the Doctor (or the idea of the Doctor) and all things he represents, and my baby is my art, and my career is all the day jobs I have and the other arts and skills I am striving to improve on and the aspects of me that require a lot of nurturing and growth, and they may stay that way for a long time, or they may change through time, but I think it's good to know that I have grown enough to be comfortable in this Oddness regardless of how it appears to others, because after all, it is more important to be going along my true path while wearing a weird costume, than wear a "safe" and "acceptable" outfit while dragging myself along a road that isn't mine to take or does not lead me to where I will be truly happy. 

Anyway, moving along. I just thought of writing it down because I also appreciate the fact that lately, I have been getting in touch with a few friends and vice versa, and these are the friends who really know and understand me for what I am, and do not question nor disparage how I think and what I do or say. Moreover, I have recently been having more interactions with people of the same wavelength as mine, and it is both refreshing and helpful in reminding me of my roots and what I really am. They may or may not be my friends eventually, but it is good to know there are more out there belonging to the tribe that I realize I am part of. 

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