Monday, August 19, 2013

A Bit of Color

I worked my Sunday away well into the first hour of Monday, and it's been raining non-stop and I have been wanting, specifically, a Coke in can, and this is a rare craving as I rarely take softdrinks, and last night the craving was even accompanied by a Need For A Donut, until all the craving died down and I just wanted to sleep in the joy of my solitude. 

Today I still need to get the last leg of the work done, but I decided to indulge myself and color my last sketch a little, though I am not really done yet because I suddenly felt tired and anxious. Tired because I usually get this feeling on some afternoons on some days of the week, anxious because of kendo things coming up this week all the way in Penang, and I have never even mentioned it until now because I have pretended all this time that it is still FAR OFF AND PROBABLY A FIGMENT OF MY IMAGINATION, though it is Apparently Not :D It worked for a time, until last week when my friend sent me a text message saying she was very anxious upon realizing that we were leaving "next week" which is now THIS week, and since then I've been floaty and a wee bit weirder. 

I babbled. I know. So here is the still unfinished and partly colored request.

Oh and I also meant Partly Shown. I still cannot decide about how I shall make it look the way I see in my head. 

I shall now finish my coffee which is fast turning cold and then jump right into work. I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead, and I wish most of you Real Happy Rewarding Dialogues. 

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