Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back and Beaming Despite

Despite many things. Yes, *BEAM*

Pictures shall be posted soon, and perhaps I shall tell bits of this and that as I go along. Yesterday I flew from Penang (a new Place I Love) to Kuala Lumpur then from Kuala Lumpur to Manila, after having gone through an exam I didn't pass (my fault for not following what I originally intended to do) and my very first tournament against other countries (which I lost but whose experience I realize was quite exhilarating), among a million other things concerning life and friendships and people and myself. As mentioned, more on all of those as I go along in the next posts. 

Meanwhile I am taking a quick rest before I return to normal days tomorrow. I woke up from over eight hours of good, restful sleep, and the weather is lovely in a cloudy sort of way. I look forward to many changes in various aspects of my life. I think kendo really does that, make you see and realize even the things outside of it. There are some tough parts like maybe realizing you need to weed out some people and things and habits, but of course there are also Great Parts. 

Anyway for now I shall share a filtered version of a recent illustration, simply because I like this filtered version better than the actual output :D As for the actual postcard, since I am back I can bring it for the buyer next time I see him. 

I think next time I should use sharper colors. Soon! I can't wait to draw and paint again ❤ 

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