Friday, August 30, 2013

Good Morning Weekend (^_^)

Well it isn't so early in the morning anymore (^^U) I woke up later than usual because I decided I shall allow myself more sleep especially since I am settling back home and into certain realities :D

Anyway speaking of early mornings I took this on my first morning in Penang. 

The window of the hotel room where I stayed was facing east, hence I was able to take this. Next time though, if both my budget and the room availability permit, I'd probably request for a single-bed room.

Moving forward, this bus. (On the way to Universiti Sains Malaysia) 

It's just that it's not nice being treated like a halfwit who can be ordered around and prohibited from going near clean surfaces, and being spoken to as though one has the vocabulary of a splinter, and being literally pushed forward to be the one to try something new or unfamiliar as some kind of thick-headed guinea pig, and being blamed for minor delays that could've otherwise been easily addressed, and being subtly asked to shut up when it was one's turn to speak. I mean really, all that was even more tiring than all the kendo I had to do D: Anyway it took me until the last day to realize what was happening and why I was even more exhausted than I should be. I guess I realized late because all the while, for years, I wanted to believe that all the kindness and connection were genuine, and everything authoritative or harsh was just a hallucination. 

It's still good to finally discern something, though. At least I managed to get out of a trap, or an unhealthy or unequal relationship/connection. I think it all also teaches me (once again) not to get into a similar case in the future, for instance, by recognizing signs that one is not really good for me, and should not be among those who constantly surround me. Like seniors who imply to juniors that they are not made for international competitions or who simply do not care for others except how great oneself is. I think acting as such misses the deeper meaning of kendo, which is more than just physical prowess. 

Yeah all that just came out because sunrise-room-memories-illness-vocabularyquestions-musclememoryofbeingpushed-yeahliterally. What a train of thought :D 

Watching the matches would really lift my spirits though. 

In the late afternoon, there would be goudo keiko and after that I would climb up the bleachers tired and out of breath, but exhilarated at the same time. I was able to play with some of the people I've been wanting to practise with. I was fortunate enough to practise with and be taught by Aimi from the Malaysian team (which was the champion for the Women's Team Matches), who was also the champion for the women's individual tournament. I first saw her play in Hong Kong in 2011 when I took my first exam but did not participate in the tournament, and I have been awed by how she plays ever since. I also practised with people whom I've met for the first time, some of whom I've been in touch with since I got back to Manila. I think it's great, and I am looking forward and hoping to practise with all of them again someday. 

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