Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cakes, Sundaes, Circles

It feels like I've been away for ages, and my schedule has been all over the place, but right this moment I have a 15-minute breather so I shall write here for a bit. 

So on the Sunday before the last one, I did my usual Sunday morning job (that made me sound kind of Pious, right) then went over to my grandma's for her 92nd birthday celebration. And there was CAKE.

Because my grandma has been sewing since forever.

My cousin took care of the cake. AND THE CUPCAKES.

My grandma loves all things RED and a lot of yellow hence the colors. 

After the lunch party I went home with my sister to her house, where my week-long TOIL had begun. We napped a few hours whenever we started showing symptoms of drunkenness, then went right back to work after. At some point everything was just funny and I was darting Very Weird Random Questions at her, which made her laugh and thus used the last vestiges of energy she had, which made her need to nap again. Her place temporarily looked like some kind of nut house. 

Because there was hardly any time to cook and wash up, we had her McNeighbor feed us for most of our meals. 

A pleasant new discovery. I also tried the blueberry pancakes one morning and it was HAPPY FOOD.

And so this is why almost a week has passed and I have not posted anything I have drawn for the month. I was still able to make something eventually, when my week-long toil was over. I did the background much earlier though, and just added the girl and her dear companion friend after.

I was back home by Thursday night, and the next day, before setting off to work outside of the home, I realized I had not really looked in the mirror for a week, and the blackness of my eye circles stunned me that I had to take a photo. I think it suits those creepy instrumental tunes I listen to. 

Now I shall finish my coffee and prepare for today's work. Happy Tuesday, everyone 

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