Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Penang Love

Okay so I love Penang. The place gives me the same feeling I get from Bangkok and Singapore, that right-at-home feeling. I love the feel of the place and I particularly like the walks we'd take (not to mention the FOOD).

Many of us from the Philippine delegation arrived at Penang on Thursday, August 22nd. I stepped out of the airport and already felt Penang give me a HUG. Really ✿⊱╮

On the way to the hotel we ate dried blueberries. 

The drive was a bit long but I loved it, because I like long drives and I loved almost everything I saw. I intend to go back to Penang someday, with my sister, like a real vacation :D By then I won't have mini-traumas and Bitchy Trampolines and being made to drink aviation fuel (early in the morning, when I still comprehend vocabulary but am slow to react) while being expected to magically sense key-needs and to become the guinea pig for anything new and unfamiliar. Okay enough of that. You see, I also learned some lessons that were not related to the kendo event at all. Anyway, moving on, it was quite a pleasant surprise that the sky was still bright even at half-past seven in the evening. On the first day, some of us girls went out to look for FOOD. It was quite a pleasant walk. I was also quite cheerful about some things. 

The weather was warm but it was windy and I thought it was all really lovely. We all took pictures of that violet-blue building above because we thought it was pretty. 

Later on my grumbling stomach was appeased by this nice bowl of hokkien mee which was prepared by this nice old man who also owned the store. Most of these food stalls were run by the owners themselves and they also made the food. 

Later on I got myself iced white coffee and the others got homemade soya milk. 

I was initially thinking of getting the beverages with unusual names or that are just plain unusual but I needed my coffee so I got the white coffee instead. I think I finished the whole glass in two whole seconds after which I felt more human. It was the first time I spent almost twelve hours total in transit. On the way back to the hotel after finishing the drinks, the most attractive things to me were the shower and the bed. 

And then there was this nice artwork on the wall of a building. 

We took note of where to go back for meals the next night.

Anyway that's just a bit for now, because it is way past my bedtime and tomorrow I need to go back to a normal schedule, although there might be some errands I need to take care of that I was not able to do over the time I was in Malaysia. I know, the above are more like random photos than anything :D They're actually more for my Twitter but I have been having problems posting so perhaps tomorrow. Omg am I still making sense I should go to bed good night everyone :3

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