Thursday, August 29, 2013

Raspberry Peach

This morning:

I decided it was time to change my hair color again (not that I've done it many times, this is actually just the second time). Time to say goodbye to the Pink Brown that somehow, eventually, turned a bit copper.

I noticed that my original black hair is starting to have a distinct color from the Pink-Brown-turned-Copper/Orange, and I remembered I have been wanting something closer to red or maroon, and that I have promised myself a new hair color after Malaysia.

My hair looks straighter here because it was still a bit damp from the shower. By now its natural waves are back and it looks darker away from the daylight. If my Pink Brown from before turned into something like copper with a hint of orange, I wonder what color this Sweet Raspberry is going to be like in a couple of month's time :D

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