Friday, August 16, 2013

So Far, This Sketch

Another kendo-themed request after a previously requested Ferocity (complete with lion and flames) XD and this is what I have so far, or PART of what I have so far, since it is all just an initial sketch and I don't want to show the whole thing just yet XD 

That's just me, see, all chubby and animatedly talking. 

This request is from another friend though (who also happened to like my Mercury Pineapple and now would like a specific image illustrated), and I am still getting used to requested pieces XD But I do think it's kind of fun making them and I can hardly wait how each will turn out :3 They all just kind of "come out" of my mind as I draw or while I am going about my day making lists and zoning into work. 

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