Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sundae Sunday

I still need to do a lot of work and a longer blog post shall follow next time but lemme just say: 

Happy Sunday!

Now I shall get back to work! I am glad I am totally not sleepy despite having to wake up early and sleeping really really really late last night. I had a GREAT time with good company and even back home I talked to my sister over the phone and I was exchanging messages with a music-kin (who told me I reminded him of a Weezer song which I listened to and it also reminded me of me) and then talked to another friend over the phone and then I spent the rest of my late night tidying up and listening to music and wondering about certain things I shouldn't even be wondering about, but all in all it was a great evening. So alright, really, getting back to work now :D

PS. I also got my shinai last night, the one in exchange for my Illustration of Put-On Ferocity :D 

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