Monday, September 16, 2013

A Whirlwind Weekend

Clearly, I have been quite busy, what with having sort of disappeared after claiming to be calmed down by books

Yes, I have been antsy, because I feel like a major head-spinning change is at hand, though I am not sure what, but I sometimes sense these things, see, albeit very vaguely. It's all the anxiety that kind of nudges. But it's not the unnerving state of uneasiness that caused me to disappear, but, well, okay. 

I still cannot write fully now, as I have a bed time to catch, oh wait, that was three hours ago. 

What I have here, ladies and gentlemen and angels, are snippets of what I will soon be sharing about. Lemme see, I am starting to feel ill with fatigue so for now it's basically these three:

1. A Bloody Finger

Nothing bloody and no fingers here but I promise the coming-soon-post is totally related. 

2. Suddenly, Waking Up In A Different Room 

It was quite sudden really, the different room, not the waking up, that would make me feel ill, yes. (Mind you, those are my shinai not someone else's)

3. Seafoam Sunday

Been painting, really, but in a totally different context.

So those are snippets of a post that I hope I'll be sharing soon. Meanwhile I NEED to get some sleep, and to continue to be Brave for what each day will bring. 

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