Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Books, and I Am Calm

The sight of books excites me, but the books calm me down when they are in my hands, when I open and smell them, and when I read them, they ground me. 

During the weekend, my sister took me out for some book shopping, and she allowed me to choose some books I would like, and she bought them for me 

The Nicomachean Ethics reminded me of my college Philosophy classes and a recent conversation I had with one of my students about Aristotle and the golden mean, though I believe that was discussed in another book. In any case, this book immediately went into the shopping cart when I saw it. I think it was also easier to throw it in because I often judge books by their covers, so, yeah, into the cart it went. 

I was originally wanting to buy this huge hardbound book of five of Charles Dickens' novels, but it was much pricier than this one, which only has two novels, but costs only about 10% of its original price XD It was originally over 900 pesos, and we got it for like, 99. I think it's great to have my own copy of a couple of Charles Dickens' novels, especially since I know that he met The 9th Doctor okay now I am babbling sorry okay next book. 

Yes, yes, partly I judged the book by its cover, but mainly this found its way into the shopping cart because I read a bit of it and I find it really interesting. It made me want to curl up right away and read. 

My week now so far? Generally much calmer than the latter part of last week, and it was not just the books, but I guess it was how I chose to deal with some overwhelming emotions, as advised by my sister and a friend. Basically it is about not reading too much into things (better to just read the books I guess), just flowing into things as they unfold, and enjoying every moment that is given to me. 

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