Monday, September 9, 2013

Capturing DAT KITTY

Remember this awesome Killer Kitty in Jeans (those are pants, mind you, not short pants XD)? 


Haha DAT KAT. Which I finished on that day I chugged down some, uhm, Vietnamese coffee omg. And yeah, we also bought paint brushes. Yeah, paint brushes. We also bought paint brushes. 

And yes I believe that was mentioned three times. Alright, moving on...

So now that awesome kitty, I mean, sorry, Killer Kitty (he insists on being called that), is quite chagrined at having been captured (and, behind the scenes, hugged). 

Some dialogue went something like: Aren't you afraid of my claws and tail? And the response was: Uhm, no. XD

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