Sunday, September 1, 2013

Colors and Cutouts

On the couple of weeks before Malaysia, I had been very busy with work and hardly slept, and hardly painted. When I returned home, it felt a bit like starting all over again. 

I managed to do a last piece for August though. A woman looking at a Glass Couch. 

My sister also kindly printed out for me an art card set I put together in June; she printed them out on sticker paper. Most of them remained as art cards on stickers, but some of them I cut out into smaller stickers.

I like their colors, pretty much like the colors of a new notebook set that I got for more Morning Pages

Then yesterday before kendo I made an initial sketch of what would be my first piece for September.

Earlier this afternoon, completely absorbed and listening to shoegaze and dream pop music and somewhat inspired, I finished New Honey Bee Leaf, my first illustration for September. 

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