Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Creeping In and Surprising

Yesterday before my work in the afternoon I had an idea of a drawing of a particular picture in my head using only two colors of color pencil, and so after work and running some errands and chugging down Banana Milk Tea from Chatime, I started sketching. 

So that was last night and then I paused to take a shower, then finished adding the orchid and prussian blue colors around midnight. 

I prefer to take a "proper" photo in the daytime though, so I took another photo of the piece this morning for uploading to Facebook and my artwork page (see Artwork tab below the blog title). And yes, that odd girl looks oddly familiar...

It is the same girl, that same odd girl I made and posted last March when I wrote about spending Quiet Days. As for her companion...

I drew her last April and she is one of the softest, gentlest, kindest, sweetest, most supportive girls you may ever meet.  

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