Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I made myself get out of bed early today, just as with my usual, normal schedule, despite having slept really late last night, partly due to insomnia and partly due to some recent changes in my daily routine, though these changes are just temporary. Explanation coming, I promise XD So, our list

First, on Bloody Fingers. 

So over a week ago I had been quite antsy, and then late last week I reached a point when the inexplicable anxiety somehow immobilized me, and I found myself needing to do something that will make me see some kind of immediate change, so I grabbed the scissors and cut my hair, as you may well have seen in the previous post. From certain angles though, when I tie my hair back in a ponytail I kind of remind me of a schoolboy. 

So where does the bloody finger come in - I did this experimental hair-cutting while being dreadfully sleepy, and as I held my bangs between my fingers, cutting away with my other hand, I happened to also cut through my fingers, and naturally, I was suddenly fully awake, but also freaking bleeding at the finger. I think it was worth it though, because I finally managed to get the right kind of bangs I wanted, which no salon could ever give me, and even if I occasionally looked like a boy, well, I feel.. handsome. 

Amazingly, after seeing new hair on my head and feeling a bit new, the anxiety grew less. Of course it is not just because I needed new hair, but it kind of marked a point when it was About Time I snap out of my anxious phase, and just face a sensed imminent change head on. (I STILL do not know what this change is. Maybe it IS already happening but then again I do not for sure right now. Maybe I shall know when I look back at now weeks from now and go, oh, so it's that.)

Second: A Different Room. 

There have been some changes and repairs being done in the house, so I had to move to a different bedroom. The process has been quite sudden and gradual at the same time, which I guess added to the perceived changes, since I guess there have been shifts in routines and flows of energies as well, and then it all kind of joined together in one bigger swirl, sweeping at things around it. So anyway by Saturday morning, I find myself waking up in a different room, not within the usual green walls, and surrounded by piles of things and boxes that have yet to be sorted out and organized and assigned to their appropriate places. 

Third, a Seafoam Sunday.

Sunday was spent painting walls and mouldings and touching up. 

Apart from painting we moved a lot of things and furniture around, and it was all quite tiring, but it was also quite fun. Since my sister was also here and the whole family was working together, meal times became longer and bed times came later. Hence my late nights. But we are all quite enjoying ourselves. I have also been constantly more often in touch with a new friend and some of our exchanges are sparkly highlights of my day. 

All bedroom walls were finished by Sunday night, and I only had to do some touch-ups as of yesterday. It was pleasant waking up on a Monday morning to new, bright colors. 

As I did the touch-ups, I discovered a bug trapped on its back against the wall, stuck there because of the paint. It had been there overnight, but it was still alive. I took it out, and played with it for a bit before letting it out the balcony, and I realize it already has a new "design" on its back. 

Later we shall go out and get some more paint, this time for the downstairs areas. Meanwhile I think I will need to close my eyes for a bit. 

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