Friday, September 20, 2013

Suddenly, It Is Friday

Spent a great deal of this week painting and rearranging and carrying furniture and things in the house. It can be quite fun, but right now I feel it has somehow stretched a bit longer than expected and I am getting exhausted ^^U I guess the fatigue is also due to the unease of not being able to stick to my planned to dos for each day. I have to adjust my time, and when there are small pockets of time free for random things, I find that they are not enough for me to do what I would really intend to do at those hours. I did not even make it to any weekday kendo practice this week. I also find myself sleeping later than usual, due to extended home activities and most of the time this week I just felt like wanting to sleep for two days straight. Hopefully, starting today, my schedule would be better. I realize I cannot allow myself to be swept by the current of other people's schedules, especially if it entails anything that prevents me from maximizing the time I have. Maybe all these sudden, slightly dismayed thoughts about my hours spring from the realization that it is already a Friday, and all I can remember from the past week is exhaustion and hardly any output from my personal to dos, or, let me rephrase that, no output from my personal to dos. It would not have been bad at all if the whole week was purely devoted to continuous work and home activities, in which case everything would have significantly progressed by now and I'd even have time to spare for intended to dos, rather than have pockets of "free time" that really does not go to anything much. Maybe it is also frustrating for me because I always, each day, always, try to make efficient use of my waking hours, attending to my needs and adjusting to those of others, and then get enough sleep, and yet because of certain circumstances, I am trapped under a slightly chaotic way of things, and I am hardly able to make efficient use of the hours for each day. In any case I think I need to do something about this soon, because I think I have reached my boundaries and sometimes it almost feel like I am screaming inside. 

In other news, the cat has moved in with us, and in less than 24 hours he has adjusted and is already examining his new kingdom. 

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