Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Again, Painting Rocks

Because of some "plant trouble," my internet connection has been quite wonkeh these past few days, and last night, I was just rudely cut off from a conversation D: Until the wee hours of the morning, there was a network problem, then when I woke up around three AM (from very elaborate exhausting dreams), I was back online and was able to send a few messages, then I went back to sleep. In the morning, I found myself cut off from the web again, and everything only started being normal again earlier tonight. 

Anyway, I never run out of things to do even when I am offline, so I spent the remaining part of the morning (I realize I have been having sleeping problems a few weeks now, so I end up getting out of bed way too late in the morning, but tomorrow, I PROMISE, REALLY, I shall wake up early no matter what) helping slice chilies in the kitchen (which, for some reason, caused my hand to burn and sting for about a couple of hours, which has never happened before when I sliced chilies) and painting rocks. Yes I am back to doing them again, because someone asked me about them and was interested. So in the morning, as my hand began to sting, I painted the background colors. 

In the early afternoon, my hands started stinging and burning, and everything I touched with it felt hot. I was debilitated for several minutes because putting my hand under running water barely helped. I don't know why the chilies had this effect this time, when I had sliced chilies many times before, and it never felt this way after. Anyway, in the end, before the heat got to my head, I decided to just get on with what I wanted to do, and to function alongside the pain as best as I can. Eventually I managed to finish painting the rocks. 

As of now I have sprayed two coatings of fixative on them, and I am waiting for them to dry completely. In hand-related news, the constant burning pain has remarkably lessened, but it still feels painful to the touch. 

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