Sunday, October 20, 2013

Almost Halloween

And I am pissed. But alright, I won't say anything much of it, and will just try my best to move on. Hence, this creepicture.

I have just died a little, and still dying, but I am sure I shall rise out of it eventually, as I always have. I believe I am strong enough. Right now though, it is quite sad and disappointing. Very harsh, really. 

In any case, I should keep focusing on people and things that are truly important, and People Disappearing On Me Suddenly do NOT fall under that category. 

Now I leave you with a happier picture, to balance out that dark, patchy, gloomy one up there. I was writing for work all morning, and I like what I am writing now, so it was a good way to keep busy :) 

Later I shall continue a drawing then work some more, before meeting up with some friends for dinner (^_^)

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