Sunday, October 27, 2013

I Look At You This Way

Mercury Pineapple (August 2013)

"I look at you this way, trying to gather all the fortitude left inside me, watching you slip away.

"You ARE slipping away. Along with all your promises, and along with your eagerness to know what I am doing, how my day went, how I feel at any moment, if I got enough sleep, and along with your excitement to share what happened to your day, what you are doing, what you cooked up, and things you wanted to teach me.

"It is not your fault. Perhaps you just really naturally lost interest, what with all the work that has to be done, and how this distance makes everything much less real.

"And so I just watch and no longer try to grasp at whatever is left, and though your echoes tell me that all is the same, your echoes reach me only at the time that not even you could hear them." 


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