Monday, October 7, 2013

The Past Few Days in Sweet Sixteen-stagram Photos

Since posting last week about painting rocks again, I feel like I have been away for days. I mean yes I HAVE been away for days but to me it felt much longer than that. Anyway, this week is going to be a busy, tightly-scheduled week, so lemme just share bits of this and that which took place since my last post, and then I shall get to work, and work straight until it is time for dinner. 

1. Afternoon Coffee on a THURSDAY. Work on Thursday afternoon was canceled so a huge chunk of it went to a leisurely cup of coffee at a nearby coffee shop. 

2. Beginnings of A Sick Bunny. Friday and Saturday were whole-day working days out of the house. In between tasks inside the conference room, I drew. 

3. Drawing + Dessert = Happies. At some point I discovered these lovely Ngingi Stamps and I have been kind of addicted to them since. Anyway, here, I was experiencing the joy of making art AND having something sweet on the side, particularly Almond with Lychees. 

4. With Hints of Blue. This is on the second day already, Saturday. Adding hints of blue to the bunny, while having the same kind of dessert. 

5. Sick Bunny Needs Watering. Finished with the color pencil part. Have yet to "water" it. 

6. Custard Pies. Marking the end of the two working days by feasting on these tiny custard pies. 

7. Vietnamese Coffee. Saturday night after work and a bit of rest, my sister and I met up with some friends, because one of them treated us out to dinner since it was his birthday earlier during the week. After dinner we took care of his coffee. It was his first time to try Vietnamese coffee and he quite liked it :3

8. Coffee Jelly. I wanted something cold and creamy instead so I picked the Hazelnut coffee jelly. 

9. English Breakfast Tea on A Sunday Morning. I had Sunday morning work, and had a nice cup of tea before it began. Had my second cup when it began around nine. 

10. Sunday Solitude. I had moments of melancholy during these past few days, so to shake it all off, I went out for a nice leisurely walk on Sunday afternoon. Just as in my spontaneous little trip before, I brought with me a book, my journal, a pen, my music, and beverage money. Eventually I headed for my secret hang out place, writing and sipping (a strawberry yogurt drink this time) and watching people and things go by. It was really pleasant, because it was a Sunday and there were hardly any people and cars around, and it was quite sunny and windy. A lovely afternoon, really. Before I left my favorite spot I took a random photo with Ngingi again. 

11. Root Beer Made With Aged Vanilla. AGED VANILLA. Somehow it made me feel like my root beer tasted even better. This was Sunday night, when plans to step out for ice cream became a plan to have dinner instead. We checked out a newly-opened place called Size Matters.  

12. Chili Cheese Fries. Before you know, the actual dinner :D

13. Breakfast Sausages. The place offers a menu for an all-day breakfast. 

14. Mocha Ice Cream. So we stepped out for ice cream originally, had meaty meals instead, then came home to find... ice cream. It was better to step IN than step OUT for ice cream after all. (I know, that was lame.)

15. Wrapping Up Rocks Sold. Three of the rocks I painted recently were immediately sold to a friend of mine :) She will be getting them the next time we meet up. I wrapped them up this morning after coffee. 

16. Mogget Morning. Mogget, earlier this morning, as I got started on my tasks. Probably checking if I WAS actually getting things done or just procrastinating. 

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