Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Chronodex Compulsion

I am only about to use Chronodex but I think I am already loving it. 

A printout of Chronodex daily charts sits on my messy desk as I make some lists of other things

I love its design, and how it makes my daily schedule more "visual" and "flowing" instead of being just a nice linear list. Not that a nice linear list isn't good, but I think a daily schedule in Chronodex format is somehow clearer and lovelier :D 

Tomorrow is my Rest Day so I don't have much planned for that day, so I shall start using it on Friday. I've cut out these somehow-Steampunk-looking templates and pasted them on my planners for until Saturday of the week after this. 

They also look quite nice on the cute, colorful pages of my compact, thick planner. They are still empty, so definitely, More Colors to come (^_^) 

As I mentioned, tomorrow is my Rest Day for this week, and I intend to sleep long tonight until I wake up naturally tomorrow. It is quite timely that I am finally getting my long-overdue massage tonight. I was supposed to go to kendo, but when I woke up this morning, the pain and swelling on my left leg from last Saturday's first-time-cramp-incident is still quite present, plus there is swelling and pain at the back of my right shoulder. I think I must have overexerted myself last Saturday, considering that I had been sick since Thursday before that. I think it is still good though, because my fever did not return after that, and my colds and sore throat were gone by Monday :D  It's just all the physical and muscle pains now, nothing else. Moreover, now I finally let myself get a massage, which I had been putting off since forever. I am going to a nearby spa later, after my afternoon job, then come back home in time for dinner (^_^)

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