Monday, November 25, 2013

A Tasty Weekend

The weekend was kendo sandwiched in five-cheese pizza and 1837 Black Tea. 

On Friday, I spent a great deal of the afternoon with my sister, enjoying the windy outdoors with pizza and coffee.

I brought with me the rune book I found and bought recently. I had to draw one for a concern about how dealing with someone, and the rune I drew talks about a radical change and a loss, and advises to seek among the ashes and adapt well to move forward. 

The next day was kendo and I realize how it makes a big difference in taking things off my mind. 

Yesterday was going out for a movie with my sister and ending the small trip with crepe and tea. The 1837 Black Tea we had was so lovely - it was black tea flavored with ripe fruits. 

Earlier today I had a disrupted sleep, due to a very disturbing and violent nightmare. I woke up and felt so bad, and felt even worse because the weight of the mentioned radical change and loss seemed even more burdensome. I stayed awake for about an hour more or so, and just lulled myself back to sleep reading some manga. For the rest of today I intend to be as busy as I can be. 

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