Friday, November 15, 2013

Chronodex Has Inspired Kawaii

I seem to have suddenly gone for the past few days, but, yes, I was quite, Gone. So many things to do, really, or, more like, attending to things that need to be done, one after the other, particularly on my waking hours. On other hours, I just napped. I think I have come to that point in my life when I just want to keep napping. In any case, I still had a fairly significant number of things done. Each day I am accompanied by my gradually-becoming-cuter planner. Kawaii-ness inspired by Chronodex

My planner already has really cute prints inside. 

The thing is, I used to just list down my to-dos with check boxes next to them and their particular hours specified. Then I go about my day trying to follow everything religiously, and just Knowing that the more checks there are, the more I have progressed with my day. 

However, eventually, I decided to add stickers and decor tapes to make it more lively, and then I started using Chronodex, and though it started out looking boring and untidy…

…I got the hang of it soon enough and it looked less untidy. It did take a bit more time though, at first at least. So I was not able to Decorate the pages as much. 

However I do want to keep it lively and still keep using Chronodex, because it allows me to see my progress for each day not just in terms of the Number of Things Done, but also in terms of where my hours actually go to and how much time each to-do uses up. It is pretty much like having Morning-Pages-o-Clock and Breakfast-o-Clock and Work-o-Clock. Later on, I realize it would all look better with my color pencils, at least for the shading. 

And sometimes, I just go all out on stickers and tape.

Today is my Rest Day, though I worked a bit this morning and I shall be working on some things throughout the rest of the day. I guess it eases my mind, see, and I do fun things in between. 

I shall now proceed to organizing and reading up on some things, having been playing Bakamonogatari in the background since yesterday. I realize that even now, regardless of who is involved in my personal life, I can absolutely relate to most, if not all, of Senjougahara's sentiments, and I couldn't agree more with many of Hanekawa-san's wise insights. One of my most favorite parts though, was when Senjougahara brought Araragi-kun to watch the stars, saying everything she has is everything she can give to him, and Araragi-kun was clearly overwhelmed with emotions. 

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