Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy Weekend, Happy Wedding

I first used Chronodex last Friday, but I was not satisfied with how it looked like :D So I tried again for today :D Here is my Chronodexed Saturday; I think I am already getting the hang of seeing how my daily hours are distributed so clearly with just one look. 

A Chronodexed Saturday, and looking forward to making Sunday's  (。。)

I woke up an hour later today, mainly because I realized I could not do any of my morning rituals outdoors because of the very very very strong gusts of wind which began at some time before midnight, due to the super typhoon, which by the way is all over the internet, the image of which is shown covering the entire country. However, when I did wake up some time before five AM, I know I just came from a very unusual dream. Unusual because I never had dreams like this before. 

Green (2003)

I had just gotten married, but I was no longer in the wedding reception anymore. I was still wearing my white, fluffy wedding dress, and I was with my groom who was wearing a gray suit, though I do not know who he really is now; I do not even think I ever saw his face. Anyway after getting married we decided to just skip all the celebration and let everyone else party among themselves. We went to a park instead. A big, grassy park, and we spent the rest of the afternoon there, taking walks and talking forever, sometimes running and laughing. I have never felt so happy, I realized as I watched the grass. 

The most vivid part I remember was that sunset came, and orange light would blind us if we tried to look across the wide grassy field, so we decided to go back to his black car, which was just suddenly parked there in the middle of the grassy area, and we sat inside to rest, leaving all the doors open so we'd feel like we are still on the grass. We sat quietly, and I realized I have never felt so rested in my entire life. 

I must admit I woke up a bit sad XD Maybe it is the weather, or because it is also one of those mornings when it sinks in again that a certain distance has grown, but then again, no matter, I can only move forward, right. Keep Calm and Carry On, so to speak. 

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