Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Past Three Days

I was supposed to be writing this post this morning, but after I have grabbed the photos, I decided to take a nap, and ended up sleeping for one and a half hours, waking up just in time for lunch :3

Such a long and untimely nap you might say, but as of this morning I decided it was finally Time. But more on that later. My last post was Saturday so here is to share what the days since then have been like via some of my Instagram photos.

Sunday was like most of my ordinary Sundays before September, and in the morning, as I worked in the backyard, I found this little buddy resting on one of the plants.

Monday, I went through my usual Monday routine for the past several weeks, except this time I was finally able to put something onto paper instead of staring idly onto it.

All of Tuesday morning was spent working to meet a deadline, and the data I was transcribing had to do with food, so halfway through the morning I had  second breakfast like a hobbit.

In the afternoon of the same day, I added some color to my beady-eyed girl.

Then, for today, I crafted my usual Chronodex compulsion-list.

However, I am not following today's schedule. And I am not creating the usual Thursday schedule for tomorrow.

During this morning's walk, I realized how deeply exhausted I have been, and not just physically, but on so many levels as well, for over a month already. And I decided that it is About Time I take a couple of days off to Really Rest. I would have preferred to sleep for three to five days but that is impossible for now, so as I walked back home this morning, I eventually decided to just Do Art, Sleep, and Read as I please, for the rest of the day and tomorrow. I still have a couple of jobs to do, but they should not take long and I cannot keep using it as an excuse to keep putting off a much-needed rest, otherwise I might just begin to resent it. Hence this morning I ended up taking that very long nap after grabbing the photos for this post, during which I had dreams of attacking cartoon-women who were bullying me. 

Why Doing Art, Sleeping, and Reading in particular - the sleeping part is actually just for my mental and physical exhaustion, and for hours it keeps me from thinking and experiencing unpleasant things and feeling any kind of weight. I would have chosen to just read for all the waking hours, but I also needed some form of release, and I think getting back to my drawings is the best way I can do that. In effect, I Release through Art, I Rest through Sleep, and I Recharge through Reading. I think this is the best way I can help myself right now. I hope I rise out of it soon enough. 

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