Sunday, November 10, 2013

These Thoughts, Suddenly

As I drifted off to an afternoon nap...

1. The weather is sunny and bright, but I am sleepy, because you have lost interest. 

After I woke up...

2. I am very sleepy, because I am tired of my life. 

3. I try to be generally calm about you, but sometimes I do wonder why the f*ck you have to say all those nicest things, and then just drop me. Really, why the f*ck. 

4. This isn't really funny. 

5. I still do not get the Mean Joke of 2012. 

6. Do all Mean Jokes come from the same country? This year's Mean-er joke also came from where last year's did. One more Mean Joke and I am never stepping in your country because I just might return home Heartless and Deranged

7. Can blessings stop wearing those silly disguises and just walk in? 

8. I would like to think I am strong, but sometimes my attention shifts to how cruel this all is. Like okay, I could be strong, but this is Still Cruel. 

9. If women are advised against declaring anything before the men declare anything first, I strongly suggest that men refrain from saying too many things that express interest unless they are really absolutely sure of how they feel, and unless they are about to declare their sincere and certain affections  SHORTLY AFTER that. So do not tell a woman that life has been easier since you met her, or that you want to see her again, if you are not going to do anything about being with her or seeing her. 

10. Go, have your great Sunday. GO.  

These thoughts, suddenly. As I frantically typed them away and wished I felt Absolutely Nothing. 

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