Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Planner, and Stickers and Such

One of the many gifts I got for Christmas was this lovely Paulo Coelho Sharing 2014 planner. 

On this same day in 2011, I realize I blogged about having a new planner too :D 

Anyway, I normally use blank planners, that is, those that do not have specific dates on them, so that I can start using them anytime or shift between planners when I suddenly choose to, so it's that kind I am using now. But in any case, I completely love this new planner (even more so when the Manuscript Found in Accra made significant changes to my life a few months back), so after the 31st of December with my current planner, I shall shift to this one for the year :3 Meanwhile, my current planner can wait, as it still has plenty of space for over half of 2015, if not all of it XD 

By the way, I have been doing some major cleaning and space-clearing for the past couple of days. In the process I decided to cover my otherwise plain desk, so you can see above that it now has a colorful striped fabric cover. I have also organized many other things and kept them in their appropriate places, and I also threw away even more things. It's soothing, really, and it somehow makes everything else feel lighter. I feel like during this entire year I have thrown away over half of my things. Okay perhaps not really Thrown Away all of those I got rid of. Some went to the garage sale and some went to charity. But basically I threw away those that cannot even be of decent use to anyone and those that only make me feel bad or give me bad memories :D I cannot even remember what they were anymore :D 

Today I shall do some mending, and I was supposed to do that this morning after my Sunday morning job, but I just decided out of the blue to start putting some things into my new planner, particularly my name and stickers and more stickers. The artwork of Catalina Estrada on the planner is totally lovely, so I chose tiny stickers that would simply complement and not overcrowd nor clash against the design :3

One of the things I was finally able to organize this year was my sticker box. I have a small mountain of stickers, often set aside and forgotten before, so I always ended up buying lots, thinking that I had been using them up, while in reality they all just accumulated. Anyway, they are now easily accessible and I have been using more and more of them for my planners and journals and other notebooks and such, so lately I have been finishing off small packs and sheets of them. 

This sticker above is from a large sheet of big stickers with Pooh characters on them, and they all come in sparkly designs. The sheet was given to me by a Japanese friend who knew I love stickers, so when she came to visit from Japan one time, she brought this back for me. 

Clearly I have also been crazy about stamp apps, being like digital stickers and all. The frame for the picture above is by  Ngingi. I think I first mentioned this app way back in October, and now I am using a few other similar apps. The frame and stamp for the picture below is by Pastel Stamp. 

The leaves above are not stickers; they are part of the planner's design :D I merely added some decor tape on the page. I realize I also have Plenty of these tape rolls. 

And so I love these chubby, soft stickers. The one on the far right is actually a box of banana milk but it's all yellow and white so it's not quite obvious. The dango and cupcake are clearer and lovely. We are still on the pages of my new planner :3 I did not take photos of all the pages I placed stickers on, though, so this is not going to be one long sticker parade :D Besides, I stopped when I got to the first day of January because I have yet to write on that. Anyway the app for the lovely frame and stamps above is Cutify Me

A couple of sticker sheets that have been with me for a long time:

I got these among many others when I was in Japan a few years ago. Nowadays, there are so many stickers in the stores with the same kind of design and cuteness-level as these ones, and they are quite cheap so that you can actually buy hundreds of them for a small price. However, I discovered that these much-cheaper stickers often do not last long, and if left unused after several weeks or a few months, they just fall off their sticker sheets or they just no longer stick. I have thrown away several sheets of these stickers and I am left with the Japanese and Korean ones, and those that were locally made but were just a bit pricier than the rest. And they have much better quality and can last for years. Anyway I was just sharing :3 Better spend on good-quality stickers than on really cheap but low-quality ones :) 

I am not really sticker-obsessed but alright I got a bit carried away XD I mean fake stickers aren't really okay. So let me leave you with one of them chubby stickers again, this time a piglet on top of ice cream as though that isn't strange at all, and the adorable frame is by Korawia stamp. 

This is still on the planner pages, and that's the dark moon you see there :3 The planner has pages showing the moon phases all throughout the year :) Anyway I hope you've all got your planners for 2014 and I hope they get filled up with happy things all throughout the year, I mean not just in terms of stickers and such, but also in terms of what you write in them. Good luck, everyone! 

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