Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 13 Favorites from 2013 ♥‿♥

I was able to choose my favorites from all my pieces this year, and I was able to pick seventeen. However, I decided to narrow the list down to thirteen to somehow "match" it to 2013 XD So here, my thirteen personal favorites of all my artwork this year of 2013 :)

Marichit and Her Gloomy Grocery List (Feb 2013). Inspired by items from the game Castleville. 

Sayounara (Feb 2013). From the time I decided to move on from an unhappy phase. 

Floral Bison (Mar 2013). Just because I love bisons. 

The Hairy Potter and the Deadly Mallows (Mar 2013). Something I had to draw because the "title" kept playing in my head.

The Odd Girl (Mar 2013). Yep. The Odd Girl by the odd girl. 

The Shameless Manner I Devoured the Canned Sausages (Mar 2013). Omg did THAT really happen?? XD

Like You Do, Like You Do (Apr 2013). When I realised that offerings of my oddness were simply returned with offerings of coldness. But then I was fine because I can always throw back the ice cubes :3 Hard :))

Everyday I Walk Towards The Ultimate Playground (Jun 2013). Something I felt, that was close to the "sensation" of being "floral" and "colorful" while being inspired to keep moving forward. 

Consume (Jul 2013). The triumphant feeling of overcoming what was overcoming me. 

Mercury Pineapple (Aug 2013). One of those moments I would wonder if people leave because they find me too weird. 

True Path (Aug 2013). Because 2013 is the Year of True Paths. Did you find yours? Or at least find the signs that would lead you to it? This coming year of 2014 is the Year of Joy. :)

Wake Up (Oct 2013). Struggling out of depression, I knew it was about time I woke up from what is not real. 

Wrist Spool (Dec 2013). Something I saw in my mind as I fell asleep one afternoon. One of my many naps XD

Now I shall go and really write that letter to 2013 and 2014 :3 Happy new year, everyone! :)


  1. Relate na relate ako sa Consume. Happy New Year Peachie Pie. ^______^


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