Sunday, December 8, 2013

Recovery Weekend

So I suddenly fell ill last Thursday, so after my work that afternoon, I decided I would not work Friday, and instead just rest for the whole day, so that I would be well enough to go to kendo Saturday. Thus, on Friday I slept in, and woke up six hours later than my usual waking time on a Friday, and had a late breakfast of sticky rice with coconut jam, to go with my meds. 

I rarely get ill, and considering that I was just ill on the last week of October and then again this week, I would say this is quite frequent already. I hope there are no more follow-ups. I guess I have just been really tired. For a quarter already. And some people are starting to notice that my eyes look tired and that I have a general exhausted look on my face. Oh the trouble. 

Anyway, earlier during this week, one of my sempai gave me a shinai and I was really happy about it. I gave him an origami enve-note :3 

It was originally a plain envelope but I adorned it with a candy sticker and I attached a note with crafted edges inside for a proper writing surface, to make it easier also to figure the thing out, thus making it more like an enve-note :3

So I made that Friday, and then gave it to him Saturday before kendo practice started. Before heading off to the dojo though, I had a sudden compulsion to re-organize some of my things and throw away a bunch more. It made me feel good somehow, because lately all I can think of is replacing everything I have because of some mad need to move on. I even want to change furniture and everything inside my closet. Anyway in the process of organizing things I realized I have too many of these hair elastics and I was completely wrong in assuming I could fit all of them in that small jar.

Kendo practice was great as usual, and by the time it was finished, my residual fever has totally left me, and after that all I could think about was going on a marathon of TV series and then sleeping, since I did not have work this Sunday morning. So I was able to sleep in again. I woke up around 10, realizing that a whole week of silence has just passed, and I keep wondering why, though I know it is currently futile to seek answers not wanting to be found yet, if at all. 

In any case I am glad to remember having spoken and caught up again with this cool person last Saturday, who does not think I am weird at all, is cool with girl-crushes, completely understands the need for gaming in one's life, is comfortably open to the year being called the Year of True Paths, does not judge me for finding that Odin is my anchor, and does not require me to try to be "normal." It is kind of hard to come across these great people, see. So even if I just rarely see and talk to this totally cool person I think it is great and it is such a breather from all the narrow places I try to squeeze through which are usually the minds of some people I encounter. 

And what about today - mostly I played my long overdue FF III game in DS, and I also ate some ravaged birthday cake. 

I have been realizing more things in this Year of True Paths, but when you are a.) almost floaty and delirious from fever, b.) cut off from someone's life because he suddenly stops communicating with you, and c.) overcome by a great desire to throw away all your things and replace them with new ones, these realizations of things seem to accelerate, the silences seem more deafening, and everywhere seems to be more crowded than ever. 

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