Wednesday, January 29, 2014

After Ten Days

I know, it has been over a week. And it did not help that I have been either busy working or recovering from my on and off feeling of illness because of the weather. Yesterday I started to come down with a fever, but I ignored it and took a long walk with my sister to catch the sun and to buy some things for my artwork, and then walked back home before the sun set, took some medicines, and then worked until an hour past midnight. I had to work because my deadline was in the earlier part of this morning, but I did not mind at all because I started feeling better as I began to work. I guess it is because it is the kind of work I like. 

While I was away (from this blog at least), I managed to finally paint something on canvas. For the first time. I think my output is a bit "shaky" but I guess I am okay with it even if not exactly thrilled. I did enjoy working on it though and feeling all these new textures and feeling the difference with working on paper. I also finally did something on canvas as a practice before I work on the commission I have been doing warmups for. I did a lot of testing and feeling and changing colors and such, and it all felt uncertain, but I have to Just Keep Doing, right. 

In the previous photo I was setting it out to dry after having sprayed some fixative.

I have yet to post it in my artwork blog, but soon, when I am feeling much better.

In other news, I have finished reading The Night Circus and I really liked it, and I got a bit emotional at the last part when *Spoilers* Bailey accepted the responsibility and I was so moved by the thoughts that ran through his mind, and by the rêveurs who were always there :') And then all my selves applauded as Widget started to tell the story of The Night Circus itself. I closed the book full of wonder and magic and love. 

And though I often feel a bit sad when saying goodbye to a finished good book, I am also quite excited to pick the next book, and this time I picked Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. I have seen the movie and it was nice, but of course I would rather experience the whole thing in the book. Apart from the fact that I would love a Henry Tilney :)) So, apart from the other books I am currently reading, I have begun with Northanger Abbey. There is a free ebook download here via Gutenberg

Last Saturday and Monday were super great and super happy kendo classes. Saturday we had nine teachers total, five of whom were visitors from Japan, and though time ran out and I was not able to practise with all five guests, I was able to do it with four of them. Fortunately, the sensei I was not able to practise with last Saturday was around during the Monday session so I was able to do keiko with him, and he even conducted a different kind of drill during the first hour and everyone had so much fun learning from him. Today I am still feeling a bit ill, but I shall do my best in kendo class later. (I know I mentioned previously that I am in some kind of crossroads with kendo, but I realized in my recent Morning Pages that I have to treat it now as the regular activity that it is and just do my best to make the most out of it, instead of viewing it as a situation I am in. After all, time has to be given for things to settle, and within that time, I am free to choose what to make of it, and thus I choose to just make the most out of it. I guess I just miss some of the structure and order and the patches of warmth when things become really bleak. There are still patches of warmth, albeit lesser in number, from a few [now fewer] very specific people, and somehow they help make everything, everything, more tolerable.) 

Now it is nearing lunch time, and I shall leave you with a random sketch I made, which I decided to color in the end XD It was inspired by a photo of a Facebook friend - she is one of the super kendo girls I was teammates with in Penang and I just noticed how her smile always stands out in pictures and brightens up everything. 

Now I shall organize some image files then prepare kendo things, and TAKE MY MEDS. My head feels swollen but there is no way I am staying in bed in this nice sunny weather. Happy Wednesday, y'all ^_^

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