Thursday, January 2, 2014

Confined, and Yet Sparkling

Happy New Year!! XD

I know, I was not around yesterday, which is pretty much like last year :D Although instead of reading all day as I did before, this year, I was just asleep for most of the morning, and got up just to write a bit, and then in the afternoon I stepped out with my sister to buy some things and then to meet up with our parents for a family dinner. 

One of the things I bought was a glitter watercolor and I tried using it this morning, first as a background for a sketch I made using a four-color watercolor pencil. 

The colors of the glitter watercolor are quite pretty and intense, but they only look glittery when the drawing is tilted to specific angles. Anyway I watered the drawing itself, adding a bit of glitter too but with watered down colors, because I did not want to lose the rough texture of the pencil. Here's the finished illustration from a non-glittery angle XD

It is one of those images I see in my head before getting lost in my naps :)) And yes she is smiling, hence the title, The Occasional Pleasure of Confinement :)

Here it is from a more sparkly angle. Most of the entire page is actually glittery, but the picture hardly catches the actual SHINE. 

Anyway I am sure she is much more sparkly inside and out than the glitters can ever be. 

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