Friday, January 3, 2014

Me, By Me

I was going to draw a steampunk animal which I "drew" in my head last night as I fell asleep, but I have forgotten what it looked like, and then there was this sudden compulsion to make a self-portrait. 

Because I Never Arrived From Overseas (Jan 2014)

I was going to add some odd touches to the face, but then decided against it. So this is me. After I finished it, I realize that right now, I can only rely on myself to draw me :)) I do really, really want to forget a promise made to me regarding a drawing of me which never got to me, and most of the time I succeed at forgetting it, except that sometimes something reminds me of it, and then I get irked and quite disappointed all over again. When I wrote to the Year 2013, I asked if it could take away these kinds of nuisance, but apparently not, and on the first hour of the year I find that it still rode onto 2014 and was blinking on my screen. I'd really rather it completely stops, so that I can completely move on. In a way, I guess it is better that I never received anything because it will all just remind me of how Everything Suddenly Came To A Halt and next thing I know, I was just, you know, insignificant :))

In any case, I am glad at how this self-portrait turned out, though some would argue that it is rather scary :)) I am fine with scary, and it is not really new to me :)) Tomorrow I shall get back to working on a commissioned piece of work (or pieces of work), for which I have been doing dreamy warmups. This time I shall try coloring the said warmups and experiment with the colors I can use. Soon enough I hope to actually work on it on canvas. I think I have been taking my time before the actual work because I am quite terrified of messing it up. Anyway I shall do my best :3 For now I shall finish a mini-project I have with a skirt of mine, since I have decided to get back to practising my sewing more often now. My current project is just hand-sewing though, and later on I shall get back and deal with the Machine :)) 

By the way, I realized that yesterday's artwork was my first of the year, and what a way to start the year's series of art pieces with a girl who is Confined and Smiling :)) 

So, I shall go now and sew on cute buttons! I have been having a great weekend since yesterday, and I hope you all are too! 

P.S. Even if I sound beefy at times :)) I still believe that things happen because they must, and no matter how unpleasant they may seem, they still serve a purpose. So even if that thing never made it to me, I am certain it was for the better. I am just occasionally irritated because I don't like the occasional achey relapses, but I guess it is now much easier for me to fly away because there are less things weighing me down. So now, I fly :3

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