Monday, January 6, 2014

Practising Some Peachcraft

I spent most of the first week of the new year practising witchcraft peachcraft. 

Friday, I dug out an old corduroy skirt that has become so bland to me hence I have not used it in ages. I decided it was finally time to give life to it and wear it again. I got a patch and buttons and the corresponding thread colors :3

On one part I placed a row of various buttons. 

On another is a patch and random buttons bigger in size.

Saturday before kendo I added an initial layer of color to my anthurium-dragonflies warmup

Sunday I did lines thus completing the first part of a still-unfinished painting.

It is Humming with a certain energy, a simmering question of whether they are happy now and if they are deeply truly happy now after all this chaos that is now in the hands of all of us. I can only paint. 

Earlier today I continued adding the next layer of colors to the warmup, and when I feel more comfortable working with it, I shall start buying the canvases for the main pieces. Then, after this commission, I have another one lined up, which is scary too, but is also exciting. Come to think of it, these are my second and third, the first one bartered for a competition shinai which I brought with me to and used in Penang for the tournament :D They are all very different from one another, but I shall do my best :3 Meanwhile I shall focus on the warmups until I get to the real thing. 

The thing is, even if I sometimes find myself pressuring myself on my art pieces, I still enjoy my time most when I am painting or crafting (next to which are reading, gaming, and kendo with the right environment), hence I think everyone should spend at least an hour or so each day doing something he or she loves because it does make a difference in lifting one's spirits, and in making the unpleasant parts of the day a bit more tolerable. 

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