Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Past Week, Mostly Pictures

It has been a while, because I have again found a new way to organize my daily schedules, or should I say I changed my hour-division again and added an hour of sleep and some hours of work among a few other things. Hence I have been sticking to the new schedule when I was not feeling ill. It must be the chilly weather, or maybe other things I do not know, but in any case I hope next week I'd feel much better, although well, quite a number of things are pending for me now, and I have yet to see how they will unfold. 

Anyway, Tuesday was my Rest Day, and here are bits and pieces of that day. Not exactly related to things I actually did, but here, Tuesday in bite size pieces. 

My Rest Day is my favorite part of the week if it falls on days when I have absolutely no work to do. 

Some of the things I love and use everyday: my pens, pencils, and some ink. I have stopped buying pencils because they're just… too many. Anyway I have given away most of them when I did some clutter-clearing. 

Among the books I am reading now, though I have The Night Circus on my bed. I am re-reading Sabriel and The Artist's Way. I am on the 5th of the xxxHolic series, and that Joseph Campbell book is an introduction by Robert A. Segal. I am reading three other books in Kindle which explains my slow pace because I want everyone to have a turn. I mean no one wants to be ignored, right. 

I like pencils with cute designs, at least for writing things down. That odd brush is for cleaning some books. Some pens for writing my Morning Pages. I've been writing them religiously for the past quarter or so. I believe it helped me get out of my depression last year. And recently I have realized being over someone because I noticed I just no longer wrote about him. It's quite a relief, really. Like, finally. From this moment onward I need to actually hear It as though from a Tilney, a Bingley, or a Colonel Brandon, or else I just get Willoughbied. Yeah like that's a word.  

Somebody reacted to that Gaping Thing. 

Do you know that more and more kids nowadays are imitating this pose and asking their moms or grandmas to pray TO them? I think that is cute up to a certain extent XD

A three-pm lunch. One of those rare meals I do not have greens. 

The cat's toys. I think there are three of these balls. And then there were two mice. Now there is just one mouse, all colorful and waiting to be torn apart. 

We actually use a chalkboard and chalk to list the episodes we are watching. I remember most of my grade school years, when somebody always had to write a list of "Noisy Pupils" on the board, and the weirdo student who wrote on that list would write out the names of our classmates even if they just sneezed and chuckled about it for like three seconds. My name never made it to the list however, and I always got a star for that, but only because They Could Not Hear The Conversations In My Head. 

Autumn M&Ms. 

These are called Coco Caramel Rolls. A kendo classmate MAKES them. He makes all these desserts and he sticks to natural and organic ingredients as much as possible. 

Some artwork by my late grandfather. 

The tree my dad put up. They've taken it down earlier this week, together with all the other Christmas elements so there is remarkably more space around the house now :))

Coins, trinkets, cat heads. All normal. 

Those yellow roses are wooden, but so delicate. Quite pretty actually. And, lovely voodoo doll. 

He was sulking because we wouldn't let him kill lizards. 

This bear is so cute that he sometimes starts to look edible. Anyway he used to be my son (long story). His name is Troy. His full name is Destroyer. 

Blank notebooks, waiting to be filled up. 

I write down really inspirational quotes in this Moleskine and then I refer to it each day and I think Leo Tolstoy did something similar. Except perhaps he did not have a butterfly paperclip. Or maybe he did, we just do not know. 

So those were from Tuesday. Wednesday I spent most of my day peacefully and happily writing for work. For some reason I was so cheerful that day. As I wrote I had M&Ms as companions. 

They are very effective writing companions. They cheered me on!

I also painted something curious, something odd, something I find really cute.

Flight (January 2014)

Thursday, I did some writing again, but I was not as cheerful. I wonder why. Maybe I was very, very exhausted. 

My writing companions for Thursday. Dark chocolate from my dad. Mind you, I do not always have such companions when I write. Sometimes it's just tea or coffee :D 

As for the weekend, well, I was briefly ill yesterday so I was not able to go to kendo class. I did paint something tiny though, but that's for another post as I do not have a photo yet :D Today, I did not have my usual Sunday morning work, so I wrote instead, and thus was able to submit a writing assignment I was planning to submit later this afternoon. I shall just get another assignment after lunch and get right to it. Happy Sunday, everyone, and take random pictures too :3

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