Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winter Wishes

It has been terribly cold, and sometimes I think I am shifting between being ill and being all lit up and festive like Yuletide lights. 

Tomorrow when I write my Morning Pages it will be the last one in a notebook, and the day after tomorrow I shall be starting a new set of Pages. These pages that have been helping me realize and resolve things, even more so since the latter part of last year. I guess I have become more intertwined with them than ever. 

Earlier I was either editing photos on file or hurriedly deleting them because I just suddenly did not like them, and then I came across this photo of mine when we went to Hong Kong in 2012

I kind of hoarded things from Okashi Land and got lunch from Pie & Tart. Or was that second breakfast? My occasional hobbit habit :3 

I wish I were going to Hong Kong this year : | 

I am not, though, due to a myriad of reasons. Also I am in a kind of crossroads now with regard to kendo, but I am staying put for now, and see how things shall unfold. The truth is, I think things would be much simpler for me if I had the means. Better yet, how I would love to just live in Singapore instead and practise there and paint and oh there is the cello school but alright that would sound like asking so much :)) 

I was just writing a while ago; I do not know how suddenly an avalanche of thoughts and emotions washed over me D: The truth is, lately, I have been feeling like Squeezing Myself Out Of Things but I am not quite sure which things those are. Well, I have identified some, while some are still formless or they are probably closer in form to an abstract stage which is formless so I just made no sense there, alright :)) 

Omg maybe, just Maybe, all this is triggered by something I am going to dismiss right about now. (Odin knows about it and he knows how I shall Not Even so okay end of discussion.)

Okay back to non-riddle-like and saner stuff. (Whoa. Sane.)

I finished painting this yesterday. I wish she and I did have such moments. With dancing onigiri and stern fish and all :)) 

Dancing Under the Stars (Jan 2014) 

I shall go have dinner now because suddenly I got tired just deciding which wish to make third and realizing the first wish completely depends on the context which, right now, is not really very Certain and Orderly. I remember teaching my student this morning and we discussed some vocabulary words, one of which was Precarious. 

Oh wait, my shoes :)))))

This is what happens when I am not around in forever and I grab from everywhere my supposed posts throughout the week :))


I went to have dinner and then completely forgot I was writing a blog post D: 

The other day I decided to finally decorate a pair of plain black shoes given to me by my sister.

I decided on lace and rickrack. 

And those tiny tubs of sequins and beads. 

Initial touches.

Catty shoes. 

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