Sunday, February 23, 2014


XD It was the song I was listening to, plus late night conversations last night with friends about how people drop hints to people they like and how the latter give (or not give) a positive response. In any case, mine is a sort of hopeless case, an almost Bingley, but I am not the Jane D: Well. What is a woman to do but just drink more coffee, read more books, and watercolour away :D A Bingley that is not mine is not my Bingley unless of course… no, I do not think it is likely. (Right?) 

(Hahahahaha. Omg that is SO not funny.)

ANYWAY, I have decided to Draw another Letter recently, pretty much like what I did before with an M for my sister, and I think I am going to do the whole lot of A to Z :D Well, eventually. The whole alphabet. And so there was A. (Loadedarentwe)

This is all I have for now though :D (Or is this all I can have??? D:)

Alright, enough :D Two of the artwork pieces I sold in my I-Heart-Art art sale were finally picked up last Friday. The buyer requested for certificates of authenticity so I made one for each piece, and I used a template that included a tiny sample of the original artwork and the sample is so tiny and so cute and I wanted to eat them but of course I did not. 

And then I had been having PORK BUN FIXATIONS (like really who has those) so after buying a ton of natural lavender soaps I went to get me a PORK FLOSS BUN which I NEVER EVER EVER ate before because I just did not like them but somehow now I just Suddenly Love them. (Really, it was sudden :D)

Saturday, I did not go to kendo because I had work to do, but I had to drop off a watermelon carving done by Elven, a classmate of ours. He said he just got inspired and did the carving especially for the club members who are going to Hong Kong this year for their dan exams and for the tournament. It was his way of sending them off with good luck and well wishes. 

The carving here though was still wrapped in plastic as it could only be unwrapped when it is put out on display. He just dropped it off at my house for me to bring to kendo class, and I said okay because I thought I would attend XD However, I did not, so I just hitched with my friend Knightley (whom I used to call PW every now and then here in my blog, but now he is Knightley) to get to the dojo, so I could bring the carving and put it on display and leave a sign about whom its for, who made it, among other short messages. After that I had a pleasant time taking a leisurely walk back home because the weather was so great and I realized it was the first time I am taking a nice walk on a Saturday afternoon instead of practising kendo. 

The carving had details of dragonflies and kanji. I heard that everyone in the dojo checked it out so that was great. 

Elven also came by to give us a sample of his latest crafted dessert, a quarter of a mocha cake. 

Last year, he started selling his homemade chocolates and flan which are made mostly of natural, organic ingredients, with dried fruits instead of sugar for sweeteners. My sister and I and another kendo classmate bought from him, and my favorite from those batches was the dark chocolate coated with matcha. So this time he made cake and is selling more. He designs each cake differently, and this particular sample he gave me had a Chocolate Sword (in which case the sword went INSIDE my own dou and I brought it upon myself) and nutty dragonflies, and I absolutely loved how everything tasted. I did not realize that swords and dragonflies would taste so great. The red things are dried fruit, and my sister especially loved those, so now She Likes Eating Sword Display Stands. The cake itself was LOVELY, and I personally find it quite addictive. 

If anyone wants to check out his products you can go to his Facebook page; he is selling locally. I would recommend the dark chocolates coated with matcha, and the mocha cake. Just send him a PM for anything :3 

Last night, or rather, this morning, I slept at like, FIVE A.M. because I had to finish some work. It was not like I worked straight since yesterday afternoon, of course I had long breaks, but last night entailed one of those long conversations with my sister (after the long conversation with our friend - omg that was like a Jane Austen character-carriage come to think of it) so I ended up doing the last part of my work from three AM to a few minutes before five. Now I know what it feels like to write drunk. 

Today I was planning to visit my old hometown because the weather is so lovely and I would like the walk in an old place. My mind and heart are aflutter right now from a myriad of reasons, some of which I am not sure what, and I believe a nice long walk on a sunny afternoon would ground me just right. I am supposed to bring my sister though, but she is now fast asleep again, and I hope she wakes up soon so we can go. I also intend to take some pictures (like some kind of tourist though I grew up there XD). 

HAPPY SUNDAY!!!! (^_______^)

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