Friday, February 7, 2014

♡ Heart Art ♡

Valentinesy, aren't we. 

Coffee (2013)

Valentine's Day is exactly a week away, and I am having my first art sale with its appropriate wibbly wobbly  lovey dobby dovey every timey theme. 

Fishing for Mr. Smith (2013) 

It is indeed a sale hence the prices are to love (although they have yet to be finalized :3)

Late Night Conversations (2013)

Only 20 pieces of Heart Art on sale, and right now I can only do this locally, via one-time scheduled meet-up sometime before Valentine's Day. Still fixing and finalizing things for now but I made myself blog about it now so it's going to be like, No Turning Back :)) 

Royal Tea (2013)

And I also think it is about time I ignore that fear of coming out and trying to sell. I have sold artwork before and am currently working on a commission, but have never tried Coming Out And Selling this way. *wibbly wobbly* 

Walrus Boy and Walrus Girl (2013)

All the pieces in this post are among those in my Heart Art sale :)

Support is very much welcome and appreciated! :) 

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