Saturday, February 1, 2014

January… Okay, That's Done

I had decided to take note of the frequency of some of my activities, mostly my favorite ones. 

How most of my favorite activities compare against one another; it is NOT how my entire January pie was divided :D
Just to clarify, these are not the only ingredients of my January pie :D This just basically shows how some of my favorite activities compare to one another in terms of frequency. Oh, and writing the English book is not exactly a favorite activity, but I guess I was trying to track my progress and obviously, I have not not been doing so well. 

The percentages look fairly big but then again, this circusy pie does not include chores and work and other daily routines. Perhaps next month I shall include other daily things, not just those I particularly like :D 

Why am I doing this - it was born from an occasional feeling of Not Being Quite Sure Where Days Went. I mean I know what I did each day because my planner tells me all about it but each day has tiny steps in it and I guess I wanted to see what a set of several steps looks like. And of course I like the colors and seeing how much time each item is given compared to others. 

Next month I shall include other things. Perhaps I can use it to gauge if I am spending way too much time in something and if that something is even crucial, so that I can adjust time allocation as needed. Moreover I think I can use it as a reference when I revise my daily schedule yet again, which I need to do every now and then when things become kind of dead. 

Last night I had a very very bad case of insomnia. And I have not had one in a very long time so I kind of feel floaty right now. I still got up early because my sister and I had made plans to have breakfast at a nearby cafe at six AM. Perhaps later I shall take a nice nap. She IS already taking a nap now, along with the cat. 

January has gone by and I guess I did fairly well on the first month of this new year. I am still working on some things though, like last night I realized there are patterns I need to break hence I have been coming to some decisions about certain things. I guess it is part of what caused my insomnia because I was a bit apprehensive and excited at the same time. It's like, things may be difficult, but it also means there IS a way to move forward and out of some patterns and I am starting to find it. Maybe that is also why I have been constantly revising my dailies and evaluating or reviewing my connections and relationships, because there is a point somewhere that causes some kind of loop, and I keep finding myself in the same kind of situation, hence I would be needing to change something about what I do and what I keep. It can sometimes be a bit tricky, even tiresome, but it is always a fascinating find when a road out of the loop suddenly shimmers because it is Time To Find It. I guess while working on finding that path out, it is also a matter of working With whatever is present so that one notices when something that is not always there suddenly turns up or chooses to show itself. 

I am starting to get sleepy. I cannot believe I have yawned about a month's worth of yawns, and it is only the first day of the month. 

Oh hello, February. Bison plushies are nice. 


  1. wish I spent that much time reading! Your life seems well-balanced

  2. Oh, thank you, Ainsley! ^_^ Reading relaxes me a lot :) I hope you get to read as much as you want, too!


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