Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Calling

A lot of ups and downs recently, with longer stops on the downs. There were physiological signs that I had been more distraught than I thought, but the other night I fell asleep reading and rereading my reversed rune of Wunjo and yesterday I awoke much calmer despite the physiologically ill signs. It must just be a calling towards New People and New Things. Right now I think I am doing better. I am excited to read my books again and tomorrow being my rest day, I think I shall spend the whole day reading. Outside. Where the wifi isn't. And it will just be me and my books and my journal and my sketchpad and okay my game. And my camera I guess, if anything interesting arrives. 

So I haven't progressed beyond my occasional sketches for the past few weeks, and after re-arranging my daily skeds for the 20th time last Monday, I decided to give my most urgent commission a go. I have to finish it before the buyer leaves this month. I reminded him last weekend that I am still working on it, because one of the downs I mentioned above is how I am clueless about what is happening to some people, and so I kind of have to make sure he is still taking his requested artwork. In any case I am doing my best in it, and from the warmups I've made a sketch of what will go into the actual thing. The elements in it are based on our many conversations. He is one of those people I can really comfortably talk to. His mind is so open and he always tries his best in things and he understands Odd. 

The next day, Tuesday, I had to rearrange my schedule again for the 21st time XD There were some changes but I do not mind so much. Because some original plans were no longer pushing through, I just had to send this drawing to an almost-student-of-mine. 

Then I proceeded to still make my afternoon productive, and made these fabric brooches :3 

I followed (or tried to follow) the basic instructions from Emily, then I just used slightly different fabric and sewed every single part to make a brooch :D I have a mild fixation on sewing things rather than gluing them so everything is handsewn, including the double felt underneath (I doubled the felt base to hide the stitches and to hold a safety pin in place :D). I think Emily's sewing tutorial is great, because the big size of the felt base made the brooch "firmer." I also placed the safety pin closer to the edge of the circle, so that it does not droop while pinned on a shirt or blouse. This morning my sister wore the maroon one to work :D I am thinking of selling these eventually, perhaps after my current art sale (which needs a bit more loving and support right now). 

By the time I made the brooches in the afternoon, I guess I had already been lifted from the frequent downs, because I had received a text message around noon that cheered me up and comforted me that I effing CRIED. I do not know how else to describe it. (Mind you it is not anything romantic because if that were the case I would not be crying, I would be GRINNING hahahahaha)

Today I spent a chunk of the morning communicating with Midge and talking to my sister so that was kind of unusual because it was not even six a.m. yet :)) After that I moved on with my usual tasks then soaked up Brain Pickings articles while finishing my coffee from breakfast, then worked straight until I was floaty around noon. Then this afternoon I was going to try sewing a sewing machine cozy :)) It is ambitious, I know, but I really want to learn how to make a nice one. However, I did not have as much time for sewing as I did yesterday, plus this one requires more pre-sewing steps, so I was only able to finish the two side pockets. I spent too much time choosing the fabrics and measuring them and cutting them, then when it was time for me to sit down and sew, something seemed to changed with the settings of the machine so it felt different, and then my thread got cut twice, and then the thread in the bobbin ran out, and then I made mistakes on both pockets at first that I had to take forever de-stitching them with the tiny special scissors XD I shall just continue tomorrow :) So after that initial attempt I went back to working straight again until dinner time. Now I await my sister because we shall be having Cheetos with Dexter and Deb. 

I won't be around tomorrow at all (well I am not really around everyday :3) because I will be offline for most of it. Looking forward to enjoying the windy summer weather with books and writing and tea and such. I hope you all enjoy your Thor's Day too :D

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