Monday, March 24, 2014

A [Cat / Sewing Machine] Cozy :))

As I mentioned Saturday, I intended to finish the sewing machine cozy yesterday, and I did! XD

I woke up late because I got so tired from Saturday. We had one of our few family dates, and we were out together from morning until very late in the afternoon. I was so tired that I LOST CONSCIOUSNESS when we got home and only woke up a few minutes before dinner XD Then I got my second wind around 9 pm and I was awake til the wee hours so I could not open my eyes Sunday morning so wth right :))

So work and other stuff were cramped for the rest of my Sunday, but I still managed to finish my first sewing machine cozy XD It is rough on the edges and I made mistakes with the lining, but it still makes me happy :D 

Getting started on the lining :3

By the time I was finished, the cat came to sniff around for quality control, so I let him see if the cozy was cozy enough :))

The cat hides under the cozy and is very, very quiet. 

So now the sewing machine has a new cover (^__^) It is no longer just some fabric thrown over it :D

It looks wobbly and a bit too big because the machine is not squarish and I am guilty of adding too much fabric for fear of making something that is too small and cannot be used at all :D Anyway I got the tutorial from Suzanne of Strawberry Patches, and her cozy is perfect so I got inspired to... make Something Like It :)) 

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