Friday, March 7, 2014

A Pretty and Odd Art Sale

So! XD 

Because it is my birthday - my personal new year - I am having another art sale, as I mentioned in my previous post :D 

I am mostly made up of Oddness and I like pretty things, so it is going to be a celebration of pretty and odd characters :3 It is a month-long sale starting today and every week shall feature ten odd pieces :) It has the same arrangement as the first and previous sale, a meet-up for pickup. Since this runs longer though and "new" pieces are announced every week, there are weekly meet-ups during which I can probably stuff my face with pastry :))))))))) 

Okay that was, uhm, you know, Grownup. ANYWAY, so here are the first ten pieces for this Pretty and Odd Celebration :3 The first bunch of odd characters to love :D

16th Birthday (2012)

Bruised by Desire (2012)

Fish Girl (2013)

Killer Kitty in Jeans (2013)

Observer of Hesitations (2014)

Preparing for Mermaid Pictorials (2013)

Soft Big Mammal (2012)

Stories (2013)

The Hairy Potter and the Deadly Mallows (2013)

These Arms, To Reach You (2013)

Support would be very welcome and appreciated~ (^_^) 

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